Fast Fm Live Hosts

Bringing the community together by news & updates

Abu Tayeb Khairdeen


Our fearless leader is back!
Abu Tayeb and friends will be abck for the most popular show “The Late Show” every night from 12pm-1am

Abdur Raheem Green


Abdur Raheem Green is joining us this year to hold our weekly E-Reminders on a Friday at 12pm

Abdur Raheem McCarthy


Alhamdullilah we have been blessed with knowledge ton this years Fast Fm, Sheikh McCarthy is doing a daily 15 minute reminder where he “Explores the Quran” at 8pm

Imran Hussein


One of our newbies this year, introducing a “Dawah Hour” every Saturday and Sunday 4-5pm

Richard Coupland


Richard is another one of our long running presenters, he’s back again this year with his “From Darkness to light” show on Monday to Friday 5-6pm

Richard Macloed

Presenter/Station Manager

Lord Richard Macloed took the reins for this years Fast Fm and became station manager as well as hosting a daily show! You can find him on “The Richard & Co Show” every day 7-8pm where he hosts multiple guests such as Alyas Karmani and Yusuf Chambers.

Wajid Hussein


Wajid is a long running presenter on Fast Fm, he returns this year to host Unchaining the Gates every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 5-6pm.

Ustadh Hameed


We have been fortunate enough to have Ustadh Hameed host “understand your deen” this year, Hameed will share the knowledge he’s learnt and break down the basic principles of Islam